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BPOM Product Registration

  • Required For Wholesalers Of Drugs And Foods
  • Has 5 Years Validity For Medical Devices
  • Has 3 Years Validity For Cosmetic Products
  • Has 5 Years Validity For Food Products
  • Crucial For Importing Goods Into Indonesia

Expand Your Business In Indonesian Marketplace

Are you curious about Indonesia’s trade and economic activity but unsure of where to begin? Obtaining a BPOM certificate will allow you to start your adventure. The Indonesian government established the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority or FDA (BPOM), a national agency, in 2001 with the goal of preserving and safeguarding public health via the regulation and oversight of food and medication goods that are marketed on the open market. Therefore, if you opt to expand your business in Indonesia, feel free to apply for a BPOM certificate right away, and we are ready to assist you.

Why Settle For Business In Indonesia?

There are few reasons why foreign businesses are interested in entering Indonesia marketplace, which consist of:

The Reason for Foreign Companies Seeking BPOM Registration

Here are a few other reasons why they seek to achieve BPOM certification for their products prior to entering the Indonesian marketplace.

Importing international goods into the Indonesian market

As we are all being informed, acquiring BPOM Indonesia registration is highly mandatory for all wholesalers and suppliers, especially foreign suppliers. Thus, registering in BPOM can legally penetrate the Indonesian marketplace.

Introduce merchandise that has never been used or seen in Indonesia

Foreign companies are able to grasp a chance to introduce international products like food supplements, skincare, cosmetics, and many more to the Indonesian market that might not be found in their country.

Ensuring that imported goods comply with Indonesian laws and regulations

In order to import your products into Indonesia, one of the essential procedures you must do before starting to market your product is to obtain a certificate to ensure the imported products adhere to Indonesian laws and regulations.

To develop additional sources of income

You may undoubtedly make more money by expanding your company abroad, such as in the Republic of Indonesia, than by focusing only on home sales. Don’t be hesitant to leave your comfort zone.

The Common Difficulties In Obtaining BPOM

Following are some challenges that international businesses typically encounter while requesting BPOM certificates. Acknowledging these issues may equip you to be ready for any situation that may arise throughout the process.

From the viewpoint of the global vendor, the steps for obtaining BPOM registration are still vague. Therefore, it is difficult for individuals to start the process of registering for a BPOM certificate without receiving proper guidance from specialists.

Another reason why most suppliers did not obtain the certificate is that the fees were too high, and they could not commit to the lengthy registration process, which takes at least a year. 

If a foreign business does not yet have a legal entity in Indonesia, it can either provide a licence to an Indonesian business to use its goods. However, the majority of them are unaffiliated with any businesses in Indonesia.

There are certain businesses that are unable to fully commit to completing the BPOM registration procedure because the requirements, particularly the required documentation and form, are too tedious.

You must meet a few requirements in order to obtain some important certificates, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), or ISO 22000 certificates, which most new foreign vendors have failed to do. 

Easily Register BPOM With DagangHalal

Our global connections position Daganghalal as an unbeatable rival company with more than a decade’s worth of experience, which can attest to our in-depth competence for credentialed professional market-entry consulting services. With all being said, Daganghalal will always try our best to assist in providing you with excellent advisory offerings for the sake of helping as many young global businesses as possible penetrate the Indonesian marketplace through the BPOM registration.

For Whom Should BPOM Registration Be Sought?

  • Businesses from both abroad and domestically must get a BPOM certification licence in order to sell and distribute processed food and beverage goods, cosmetics, or medicines (including traditional and cosmetical medications) in Indonesia.
  • If the foreign company wants to own the licence, the importing business must submit an application for a BPOM certification licence on your behalf.
  • Keep in mind that you must maintain a positive working relationship with the importer. Suppose there are any disagreements that lead to the dissolution of the relationship. In that case, the importing firm may still be legally able to sell your products in Indonesia up until the expiration of their certification licence.

Costs Associated with Obtaining a BPOM Certificate

Below is the list of fees that need to be settled to gain a BPOM licence, depending on the types of products that you opt to market in Indonesia. The following two lists are based on the updates as of July 15, 2021.

BPOM Fee Registration

No. Type Of Products Rupiah (Rp) Ringgit (RM) RM1 = Rp 3400
Food claim
Rp 5,000,000
RM 1,470
Alcoholic beverages
Rp 7,500,000
RM 2,205
Food products resulting from genetic engineering, irradiation, or organic food
Rp 5,000,000
RM 1,470
Dairy products
Rp 5,000,000
RM 1,470
Fats, oils and oil emulsions
Rp 3,500,000
RM 1,029
Ice to eat
Rp 4,500,000
RM 1,323
Fruit and vegetables
Rp 5,000,000
RM 1,470
Rp 3,000,000
RM 883
Meat and meat products
Rp 6,000,000
RM 1,765
Fish and fishery products
Rp 5,000,000
RM 1,470
Eggs and egg products
Rp 3,500,000
RM 1,029
Rp 2,500,000
RM 735
Beverages (except alcoholic beverages and dairy products)
Rp 3,500,000
RM 1,029
Snacks ready-to-eat
Rp 3,500,000
RM 1,029
Food additives
Rp 1,500,000
RM 441
Medicine with new active substances, biological products
Rp 35,000,000
RM 10,294
Copy medicine with trade name
Rp 12,500,000
RM 3,676
Copy medicine with trade names that require clinical trials
Rp 17,500.000
RM 5,147
Copy medicine with generic name
Rp 3,000,000
RM 883
Copy medicine with generic names that require clinical trials
Rp 9,500,000
RM 2,794
Copy medicine with generic names that require clinical trials
Rp 12,000,000
RM 3,529
Pre-registration of traditional/herbal medicine
Rp 1,500,000
RM 441
Imported traditional medicine
Rp 18,000,000
RM 5,294
Imported traditional medicine with new ingredients
Rp 25,000,000
RM 7,353
Domestic traditional medicine
Rp 2,000,000 - Rp 6,000,000
RM 588 - RM 1,765
Domestic traditional medicine with new dosage forms
Rp 12,000,000
RM 3,529
Export-specific traditional medicine
Rp 3,000,000
RM 883

BPOM Fee Checking

No. Type Of Products Rupiah (Rp) Ringgit (RM) RM1 = Rp 3400
Internal and external checking
Rp 20,000,000
RM 5,882
Public survey
Rp 15,000,000
RM 4,412
Laboratory check
Rp 15,000,000
RM 4,412
Entrepreneur counselling
Rp 3,000,000
RM 883

The Repercussions If The Goods Aren't BPOM Certified

1. Be taken away from the product’s distribution by the Indonesian government

  • The uncertified product can be withdrawn from the distribution of pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices if they do not meet the requirements for quality, safety, and/or efficacy, and also may be confiscated and destroyed in accordance with statutory provisions. 

2. Can be punished with imprisonment and a fine

  • The suppliers that offer the products without acknowledgement by the BPOM registration in Indonesia will likely be imprisoned for a maximum of 15 years and subject to a maximum fine of Rp 1,500,000,000.00 or RM 430,463.67.

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