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Breaking Into Indonesia's Halal Market - CROISCO SDN BHD

(Indonesia BPJPH certification + product registration Indonesia)

Croisco Sdn Bhd specializes in Danish and pastry and, at the same time, provides a diverse selection of other products as well. DagangHalal assists Croisco in applying Halal accreditation to its products to achieve quality and safe food products while registering them in Indonesia. 


Croisco Sdn Bhd is a bakery manufacturer and was established in Malaysia. Quality control and production capacity are very crucial; therefore, the company has built those sections for more than 10 years. Due to Indonesia being known as one of the biggest markets for Halal food products in Asia, the company is trying their luck to expand its business in the said country. To achieve its goal, the company is advised to come up with various approaches to overcome the company’s lack of brand recognition and build an emotional connection with its potential customers. 

While Croisco Sdn Bhd has proven that it can create world-class products, the company faces obstacles in penetrating new markets due to a lack of trust from potential customers. This was a tough nut to crack due to the lack of information from previous market entries. The company approached DagangHalal, requesting guidance in implementing the requirements of the standard set by the Agency of Halal Product Assurance (BPJPH) in Indonesia. As a pillar of the Food Security Strategy and Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs), this nation has implemented a quality assurance program for halal products. Thus, DagangHalal believes that having this Halal certification from Indonesia would strengthen the trust while at the same time enhancing Croisco’s food quality and safety.


DagangHalal provides comprehensive guidance on documentation and knowledge for the Halal industry. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, with combined years of experience in international Halal certification. We understand the importance of creating a smooth production process, especially when dealing with complicated production methods or sensitive ingredients. Croisco Sdn Bhd benefits from assistance from the start process, such as preparing the Halal Assurance System document until the follow-up results for the issued Halal certificate. This way, Croisco can focus on ways to approach and penetrate the Indonesian market for further successful business expansion in this country. 

DagangHalal offers professional services that help Croisco Sdn Bhd to export goods from Malaysia to Indonesia by proposing product registration in Indonesia. Croisco needed to complete numerous steps before its product could be registered. The company first had to obtain class assignation, evaluation, and verification of its product. DagangHalal assisted Croisco with registering their products with the documentation process and issuing letters before the company was allowed to enter the Indonesian market. With years of experience in business processes for importers and exporters alike, DagangHalal simplifies administrative procedures for the company when they start conducting business in Indonesia.

Furthermore, DagangHalal believes the training is also needed by the Croisco employee for them to have the ultimate understanding of maintaining and applying the requirements. DagangHalal manages training for HAS implementation and Halal Supervisor from the qualified consulting institution for Croisco Sdn Bhd. DagangHalal can help ensure that your company complies with the relevant requirements and guidelines by providing training programs that meet industry-specific needs. With the experience and knowledge, Croisco is ready for its journey of implementing Halal. 


Halal certification is a credible way to make a strong statement about product reliability, especially in the food and beverage industry. Halal certification helps reduce testing costs, opens the latest sales channels, and expands customer bases while promoting brand loyalty with an ever-growing international Muslim community. It also increases sales by boosting Croisco’s marketability among Muslim and non-Muslim consumers while conveying information and building trust between the company and consumers. Halal certification can help businesses open new markets, build market share and gain consumer confidence. The BPJPH is a leading certification authority. This would help Croisco deliver superior quality and satisfaction to its customers through a process of verification that ensures the food is prepared according to Halal standards. Consequently, it allows Croisco Sdn Bhd offers high-quality, affordable products for their customer to enjoy. 

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