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Financial Assistance Malaysia

A business must stand rigid – in motives to resist against the uncertainty of times, that seeing into the potentials of our untapped Malaysian economy, DagangHalal is in the operation of offering Financial Assistance. For the favour of supporting local vendors, and to the upkeeping of native businesses, all commercial wellbeing amid unprecedented circumstances will be mitigated for a safe merchandising voyage.

Financial Assistance Malaysia

Crisis comes without warning, and in that weary moments would proprietors struggle. As consumers spending steadily declines, the lack of profitability shall serve as a testament to a business’ strength. To merchants due of obligated down payments, this cumbersome period often leads to equity trouble and near insolvency. DagangHalal’s Financial Assistance in Malaysia aids to resolve by first detailing your corporate structure, in order to elevate from uncertainty – as well as hedging against various risks from an early standpoint.

Why Seek for Financial Assistance Malaysia?

Having been a veteran and an old-timer of the local business scene, DagangHalal’s Halal business consultants can address in the establishment of sales targeting specifically geared towards a corporate model. Once after the partnership has been finalised – including the gathering of all mandated documents, our management team shall survey and research to draw a detailed report of:

Highly profitable regions for your business positioning, in order to gauge revenue and capacity to its maximised capacity. This is under a process of Revenue Modelling, as to slowly and steadily return the investment of the commercial aid, while having your interest and sales aim achieved.

Realigning of existing debts, as well as stringent management of financial expenditure through appropriate Accounting Management.

Overseeing all credit and inventory purchases after the allocated financial assistance.

Flow Step Of DagangHalal's Financial Assistance Malaysia Summarised

Establishing A Simplified Business Model
Study corporate structure and all necessities surrounding existing financial position.
Sales & Resource Benchmark
Pivoted benchmark of targets have been set, and this promotes a healthy business model encompassing operations review, which may be configured for greater improvement.
Reporting For Company Performance
A complete scope of reporting shall be given denoting the milestones hit, and overall changes in the order of work that deems completely effective.

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