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Food & Beverage Product Registration

The global food and beverage industry features some of the most prolific opportunities, just as the open space of trades and imports are in ever high demands. Come liaise with DagangHalal for the successful processing of product registration specifically to food and beverage – where our unique expertise is seen familiar with the said region compliances.

Food And Beverage Registration Services Overview

Introducing a new product into an established market requires certain measures to be met. This benchmark comes in the form of a certification (or few) that is respective to a targeted country’s recognition. We can take an example with Indonesia – being recognised as the world’s largest Halal consumer marketplace, any exports to the aforementioned nation must meet a standard as imposed by the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan under Malay/Indonesian language) or BPOM in abbreviation.

A governmental hand one such like BPOM is tasked to protect the consumers under rigid and stringent supervision of medicinal drugs and food, and such an appointed authority shall address the permit that verifies and legalises your merchandise to be used across the public. To obtain this certification (and entirely dependent on the destination), it is common that exporters must first register their manufacturer's products first, before registering the very merchandise itself. This is the general case as seen in most nations, but to some, just merely verifying the distributor can also satisfy regulatory passage.

The next step goes out of the trader's reach, and must await the country's regulatory hands. The officials will see fit of the goods exported and shall categorize to its best classification available. This method of classification may vary from country to country, and that all products registered must comply with a recognised certification viewed by that very nation itself.

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General Requirements Of product Registration

In any country, several processes have been formed to enhance the quality of food merchandise being imported, and that which also complements the product registration. This begins with:

– The enrollment of an official organisation, which is the manufacturer (as well as the item itself).
– Relatable document profile detailing the exact niche centred to the trader, such as a Business License Number (NIB), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) proof and all forms of Food Safety Management Certificates found.

Other information can be retrieved by liaising with DagangHalal to best consult for your product registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is product registration and why do I need it?

Product Registration is the process done before marketing of the products to be evaluated and become fit for the marketing. Product registration is a mandatory procedure for companies that intend to market their products - serves as an important obligation to fulfil. By registering your products, it proves that the products follow all related standards and laws.

What are the process look like?

The process will begin with gathering all the product-related information such as labels, packaging, technical reports and more. After that, the process will be elaborated. When the process protocol has been made, the agency will follow up until its approval. The approval depends on the product, its features and functions. 

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