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Professional Halal Executive

A Halal Executive is associate with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) or the respective state’s Islamic department. Finding a high quality and certified Halal Executive can be challenging as the candidates are quite limited. Consult with DagangHalal today and our consultants will assist you in the whole process. 

Importance of Halal Executive

Halal Industry is extremely expanding. Following with the rising demand for Halal products as a mark of quality assurance also present challenges to ensure ethical and effective governance in Halal compliance. Hence, to ensure that everyone in the Halal industry have the same understanding and commitment towards Halal and its requirements, Halal Executive plays a very important role. They have to accommodate the stakeholders demands and ensuring that products given to us by the manufacturers are Halal and has met the Shariah requirements.

Job Scopes of Halal Executive

Responsible for all connection with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) or the respective state's Islamic department (JAIN).

To reduce the dependency of the company towards the certification bodies in managing and implementing Halal at the operational level, together with the Halal Internal Committee.

Responsible for managing the process of Halal certificate and Halal management in the company.

Accountable for managing the Halal documentation and ensuring the HAS Manual are up to date.

Ensuring all Halal certificate holders will abide by the Shariah Law.

This lead to a dependable Halal reliability, while maintaining the Halal status at an optimum results. To guarantee that companies get to hire high quality and certified Halal Executive, DagangHalal provides a consultancy service to assist companies in the hiring process and ensuring that the application process run smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I hire Halal executives for my company?

Halal executives are responsible to ensure the quality of the product maintained at all time and support the goals established by the management team to continually improve. DagangHalal provide services where we help companies who are looking to hire Halal executives. 

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