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Certification Consultancy Services

Every country features a near similar, or different sets of certification requirements before exporting of goods can be approved. Find out which credentials are better emphasized through DagangHalal, having a decade of experience that testify our in-depth expertise for certification consultancy services.

List Of Certification Services Offered

Halal Certification By JAKIM
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
FSSC 22000 Food Safety System
International Food Safety (IFS)
British Consortium (BRC)

Why Are Certifications Needed For Exporting?

Amid exporting - at which every country is readily accepting the open bartering of goods, certifications are necessary to ensure that a certain level of regime and industrial practices are met. This tends to be centered towards hygiene practices, properly processing of ingredients, strict scheduling of timetable, manual handling (or labour) procedures that is to be in check, as well as others.

What Kind Of Products Are Needed For Exporting?

All sorts of items that are mass-produced in a factory-scale needs to have at least one certification, and this format of document being recognised also varies according to the country. Especially seen in Halal regulations, a proper permissible body that is accepted by a nation vary against another. Just like JAKIM’s Halal governance is seen in Malaysia, this may not be recognised in European countries.

With DagangHalal, feature here is our consultancy services that are specialised into the food and beverage industry, and worldly connections make us an uncontested rival alongside an exporting powerhouse. Come speak with our consultants today to take your merchandise up a notch through exporting. 

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