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Finding Southeast Asian Distributors

Distributors, now more than ever, are service providers. Plays an important role in connecting the manufacturers and customers. Enables you to access to international markets while avoiding logistic issues and many trade-related risks. Speak to our consultants to get more in depth in finding Southeast Asian distributors for your business .

Southeast Asian Distributors

The business function of a distributor is to break the bulk and be a negotiator between food producers and food operators – example retailers or restaurants. Distributors will cut down the large volumes of products from producers into smaller quantities.  Distributor supply both aspects of the food industry; the consumed-at-home-side, the retailers (groceries/convenient stores) and away-from-home side (restaurants/schools/hospitals). Distributor purchases, stores, sells and deliver those products, providing food service operators with access to item from variety of manufacturers. Food service distribution companies can range in sizes from one-truck operation to very large, national corporations.

Types of Distributors

So the question you may have is; you have a product that you would like to sell to this vast industry. And you are targeting to cater the Southeast Asian consumers. However, your warehouse is headquartered in China. How you can get your products into distributions and onto store's shelves?

In addition, does the warehouse in China is Halal compliant because in order to export to countries in Southeast Asia for example Malaysia and Indonesia, by right the products should be Halal certified. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the largest economy and it is consistently growing. Halal certification is to ensure that the products are in compliance with Halal requirements stipulated in the standards for production, preparation, handling and storage...

Help Your Business With Distributors

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