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Manpower Supply

All production line requires a supply of manpower in order to stay functional, and to maximise the processing cycle. Is the manufacturer seeking to replace a Halal executive, or finding a source of human resources in order to maintain assembly? Whichever of the case, consult with DagangHalal today to get an adequate, healthy manpower supply to perform labour – in the factory, or across the Hospitality line.

manpower supply

The supplying of manpower is essential in the business industry, because without workers a company will not be able to maintain its production line. Manpower is the total number of people who can get something done. It is the combined strength of society, where human resources are employed by a company, an organisation or even a group to become the necessary manpower needed for a particular cause, or project delivery.

A manpower supply is spearheaded by an intermediate recruitment consultancy firm where an organization or company may seek to recruit staff for the appropriate job. In that case, the recruitment consultancy or agency are responsible in providing services, in any manner for supply of manpower to the client. The process of recruiting will all be done by the agency. We will provide the manpower based on the clients’ needs.

Types of manpower supply

All manpower supply includes professionals of various expertise level. There can be skilled collar workers, to general men and women amid factory manufacturing. Yet a good note is that a company featuring more manpower can accomplish more jobs and tasks done, ultimately producing even more yield:

professional halal executive
general labour for production and/or restaurant

sub-sectors Of Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I hire manpower supply for my company?

One of the services that we offer is providing companies with manpower supply to boost their operations. You can easily contact us and we will assist you. We connect you with high-quality manpower supply, employment pass and permit renewal. A one-stop solution for foreign workforce.

What is the quota for manpower supply?

We provide talents on your behalf for permanent or contract staffing. The quota will be based on your sectors and the sourcing country of the workforce. Different countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia will have different quotations. 

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