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JAKIM Halal Certification

JAKIM Halal Certification plays an important key role in food and beverages industry. Shows that the product/service is qualified to be consumed by Muslims. JAKIM Halal certificate also indicates that the food product is assured in terms of religious compliance, safety and hygiene. Get consultation on how to apply for JAKIM Halal certification from us today.

JAKIM Halal certification

Asia is the home to the largest Muslim population, with Central Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia being particularly important regions. In 2020, the total number of Muslims is Asia was about 1.2 billion. According to the Department of Statistic Malaysia, out of 32.7 million population in Malaysia in 2021, Islam was the most widely professed religion in Malaysia with the proportion of 69.8 per cent. Business enterprises are driven to engage in Halal food production and the demand for Halal food keeps increasing. In Malaysian, the Halal certification is managed by the Malaysian Halal authorities; mainly the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). Thus, the only Halal Certification that can be recognised is the certification issued by the JAKIM. The JAKIM Halal standardisation of products and/or services is according to the Malaysian Halal Certification Scheme issued by JAKIM.

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However, there are several issues being pointed out in terms of acquiring JAKIM Halal certification. Non-Muslim entrepreneurs are having difficulties in understanding the JAKIM Halal certification manual and quite complicated for them to follow. Due to this, non-Muslim entrepreneurs will have a hard time to understand the overall JAKIM Halal certification process - which is a composition of Halal and toyyiban concept. If both Muslim and non-Muslim companies could not fully understand the correct concept of Halal, misunderstandings are bound to happen. Employers might think that by hiring Muslim staff is one of the requirement to obtain a JAKIM Halal certification. Apart from that, the Halal application process takes too long due to strict SOPs, delay in meetings and stern decisions made by the shariah officers. Some applications took months, a lot of steps were involved during the process and high cost have to be contracted. 

Another issue that can take into consideration is when a company is headquartered outside of Malaysia and they want to expand into Malaysia's market - considering we have a large number of Muslim. It is imposed by the JAKIM that food manufacturers intending to export to Malaysia must be accredited Halal by JAKIM. Thus, the company need to acquire for Halal certification to ensure that their products are Shariah compliant and meet the JAKIM requirements. To protect Muslim consumers in Malaysia, it's always been JAKIM's responsibility to assure consumers to seek for Halal products. To ensure that companies get full access to Malaysian market, JAKIM Halal certification is strongly recommended for all imported food and beverage products. With Muslim covers more than 60 per cent of Malaysia's population, the demand for Halal products continues to increase. Hence, it is crucial for exporters to understand every aspects of how each country regulates Halal.

As an alternative solution, DagangHalal provides JAKIM Halal consultancy and training services to help companies obtaining the Halal certificate, handling all the process of Halal certification and address all related issues. Speed the application processing time, ensuring that all Halal requirements are met - which will in turn, increase the number of Halal-certified companies and strengthen the Halal industry in Malaysia. 

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Professional Services that we provide


Advices on JAKIM Halal certification process and document preparation to meet the requirement.


Provide professional consultation service for the changes of company operation process and workflow.


Manage your company e-Halal system content submission.


Collect and check the necessary documents from the applicants for the pre-submission process of the JAKIM Halal certification.


Pre-audit on your premises and to provide the Non-Conformance Report (NCR) for improvement.


Submission of the application and documentations on behalf of the applicants.


Educate your internal staff on how to follow up with JAKIM on the application status.


Increase your sales and branding exposure after getting the Halal certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I obtain JAKIM Halal certification in Malaysia?

If you are looking to acquire the JAKIM Halal certification, you can now get your Halal certification with DagangHalal services. We will support and guide you from the start to ensure that the process run smoothly and you have all the requirements needed.

How do I apply for JAKIM Halal certification?

You can apply for JAKIM Halal certificate via the JAKIM's hub online but we suggest you find an agency or consulting services. With this services it helps you to understand the process better and you would not waste your time doing the wrong things. 

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